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A short synopsis of our last 3 years:

Covid 19 destroyed our family owned costume business of 42 years.  
Due to shutdowns and lockdowns of all schools, churches, dance schools,  theatres, and holidays,  there was a complete lack of business for over 7 months.   Not sure of what to do, and knowing we could not just throw out the $200,000+  worth of  merchandise and rental costumes to take on new jobs we did not know what to do.  No one wanted to buy us out.  Money was not given to us, owners cannot get covid unemployment money.  The SBA loans were a sham.   We tried to find a buyer, but soon  found that 90% of the costume shops in the world had to close down like us.  We tried Ebay and still no customers, the world was not ready to buy, all parties and holidays were cancelled..  Our theatre  community was not even there to keep us going after we moved.  (across the street)  9 months later and after a huge 3 month sale we moved to cut costs.   People told each other that we closed our entire operation down for good even though we  just moved to keep the Embroidery Dept open.  Many of our customers did not even call to make sure they were told the correct news.   Now that holidays have returned, some customers have finally stopped in after 3 years to check out the store and were quite surprised by what they see and some could not seem to understand why we had to downsize.   I guess everyone expected someone else to keep their favorite store open.  It takes a village. 
  no costume customers for 3 years = no business and no income.    REALITY

We downsized and continued our "B" plan that most costume customers did not even  know existed.   The Embroidery Department has been stitching  all kinds of products  since 1987.  The good ole' Blue Hen Mall days. 
The Embroidery Dept helped us through the pandemic.   No "covid" money was handed out to us to pay our monthly bills.  The rent and utility bills still came in.   Rents increased, utilities increased....
In November 2020 we downsized from 20,000 sq feet to 4,000 sq ft of space in order to survive.  Most of the costume inventory is stored in our warehouse hoping someday, someone would need something we have or be interested enough to restart a costume store.   The only way that will happen is when everyone in the area realizes that most of the really cool stores are no longer here  due to the fact that  customers stopped shopping local and bought garbage costumes  online to save time.  Not necessarily to save money.  
Keep in mind,  our children will need jobs someday.  Do you really think they all want their first job to be at Amazon?
Actors Attic was the largest theatrical supply and rental house south of Philly and east of Towson, Md. The closest in Virginia was in McClain. 

 This year and last year, we featured our costumes in the form of a POP UP at another small local business survisor,   TINA'S TIMELESS THREADS  located in Downtown Dover. 
Please support her and us by shopping for your Halloween costumes this year. 2022 At Tina's.

As you have read on the home page.  Embroidery is our main stay.  If we can help you with retail costumes, makeup and accessories we will do our best, call and ask if we have what you need.  Do not expect a showroom. 
 Rental Mascot characters including the Easter Bunny and Santa supplies will be available. 

and yes, Ginger, as of today, it is 21 days  Halloween  shoppers

Thank you all for your the memories and  support thru the many years.